Defense Against Forfeiture of Property

Drug charges in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and federal jurisdiction can result in personal losses beyond fines and freedom. Most drug cases end up involving forfeiture and seizure actions by law enforcement. While protecting your rights in court is your first priority, you should have a lawyer who can also fight to protect your assets. At the Spokane Law Offices of Christian J. Phelps, we can provide you with comprehensive defense counsel, fighting to help you keep your car, home, money or other assets that could be subject to forfeiture.

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Law enforcement uses forfeiture and seizure to claim assets that are believed to have been used in the commission of a crime. For example, if you are accused of using your car to transport drugs, the government may seize your car. Similarly, if you have been selling drugs out of your house, the government may seize your home. The government can also seize property they believe was purchased with illegally obtained funds. Such property may include cars, houses, boats and bank accounts.

Forfeiture and seizure can happen at almost any time. It can happen as part of an investigation before there has even been a conviction. In fact, the state or federal government can even undertake forfeiture and seizure actions separate from any type of criminal charge.

It is our job to take action and demonstrate that your property was not involved in or derived from the alleged crimes. Our goal is to give our clients the best possible outcome when facing any type of criminal charges. Helping you retain your most important and valuable assets is an important part of our representation.

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If you want to take action to reclaim seized property, it is crucial to have an experienced defense lawyer on your side to protect your interests. From our offices in Spokane, we help clients throughout Washington, Oregon and Idaho who are dealing with forfeiture and seizure issues. For a free consultation to discuss your goals and concerns, contact us via email or by phone at 509-323-2420.