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Facing drug charges in the state courts of Washington, Oregon or Idaho is tough enough, but if you are facing federal drug charges, the stakes are even higher and the legal challenges far greater. You need a lawyer who has handled multiple federal trials and who can protect your future and your freedom. At the Spokane Law Offices of Christian J. Phelps, we handle federal drug charge cases in all of the federal districts in Washington, Oregon and Idaho. In special cases, we will travel to other federal districts.

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Federal court presents an entirely different set of circumstances than the state courts of Washington, Idaho and Oregon. In addition to different rules and procedures, you face much steeper penalties if convicted in federal court. And with more prosecutors and judges handling fewer drug cases, the federal conviction rate is much higher.

In federal court, statutes quantify every single drug, matching different penalties for different quantities. For example, in terms of when a drug charge becomes a felony, there is an 18:1 weight disparity between powder cocaine and crack cocaine:

  • Possession of 500 Grams of Powder Cocaine = Mandatory 5 Years in Federal Prison
  • Possession of 28 Grams of Crack Cocaine = Mandatory 5 Years in Federal Prison

In a federal case, you may face what is called "relevant conduct" considerations, which mean you could be punished for conduct you were not even convicted of if the conduct relates to a crime you are convicted of. In addition to stricter penalties and less stringent standards of evidence, you may also be fighting highly equipped, well-funded agencies, such as the FBI, DEA and ATF.

No matter what charges you face or what agency is conducting your investigation, we can handle your federal drug charges with the same aggressive approach. We will fight search and seizure procedures and challenge all evidence that the federal prosecution tries to bring to trial.

We understand the inherent risk of fighting a case in federal court where the opponent has greater resources and less accountability. We will help you explore all of your legal options and pursue the strategy that is best for you.

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