Defending Against Charges of ID Theft and Forgery

Identity theft is a very serious crime that often results in charges in federal court. While most identity theft charges involve the purchase of goods or property with the use of someone else's identity or financial information, ID theft can take many different forms. At the Spokane Law Offices of Christian J. Phelps, we protect the rights of those facing a variety of theft charges in the state and federal courts of Washington, Oregon and Idaho.

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One of the most common white-collar crimes in Washington and Oregon is identity theft. ID theft is any crime in which you use someone else's personal or financial information, such as their name, credit card number, bank account number or Social Security number. Sadly, the majority of people charged with identity theft are dealing with drug or alcohol addiction.

Some people face a single count of identity theft for illegally opening a bank account or forging a check, while others face multiple ID theft charges for each illegally obtained credit card, debit card, or Social Security card used, manufactured or possessed.

Experience in Various Types of Cases

Our firm handles a variety of identity theft charges, including:

  • Mail Fraud (Federal Offense)
  • ID Theft or Forgery
  • Check Forgery
  • Fraudulent Wire Transfers and Electronic Money Transfers
  • Obtaining Goods or Services under a Fraudulent Name.
  • Internet Credit Card Purchases
  • Obtaining Credit for a Fictitious Company
  • Stolen Credit Cards

Every identity theft charge is a felony in Washington. In addition to the criminal penalties and restitution, you will face a civil fine up to $1,000 per count. A felony conviction will cause you to lose some of your civil rights and may prevent you from getting future employment opportunities.

There are many defenses that an experienced lawyer can use to fight your identity theft charge. For example, the evidence in these cases is often obtained through a search of your home or car; if that search was illegal or unconstitutional, the evidence can be suppressed.

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From forgery to stolen credit cards, after any identity theft charge, you want to do everything you can to minimize the potential negative consequences. Make sure you talk to an experienced defense attorney before you say anything to the police. For a free consultation about your defense options, contact us via email or by phone locally at 509-323-2420.