Washington Three Strikes Law

Whenever you face criminal charges in the state of Washington, you want to take care of them in an efficient and effective manner, particularly because of Washington's three strikes law. While you may be able to minimize the negative consequences of one or even two violent crime convictions, the reality is that, after three strikes, you're truly out. At the Spokane Law Offices of Christian J. Phelps, we can provide you with an aggressive criminal defense and negotiate on your behalf before it's too late.

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The three strikes law is based on Washington's Persistent Offender Accountability Act, which states that three violent felony offenses results in automatic life in prison. The law is blind and does not take the various levels of the offenses into consideration. This is why it is so important to fight to avoid convictions for strike offenses.

Do not hesitate to obtain aggressive legal representation if you have been charged with any of the following:

Understand Your Defense Options

The best thing you can do to fight the three strikes law is to take aggressive action to protect your rights. In fact, even if you already have two strikes on your record, there are still ways to fight the three strikes law and avoid a potential lifetime prison sentence.

As your legal counsel, it is our goal to minimize the potential negative consequences. If a conviction on current charges would mean a third strike, we will negotiate with the prosecution to get you out of a strike offense, so that the three strikes law will not apply if you are convicted.

For example, if a former felon steals a six-pack of beer and pushes the store clerk who tries to stop him, what seems like shoplifting will be charged as a robbery, a strike offense, because the accused individual used "force" while committing theft. Is this worth life in prison? We will work with the state to try and change or lower the charge to a non-strike offense, thereby avoiding a life sentence.

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Since negotiation is such an integral part of cases involving the three strikes law, make sure you speak with an experienced lawyer about your strategy before you talk to the authorities. We can make sure you do everything possible to give yourself a fighting chance. Contact our office in Spokane by email or by phone at 509-323-2420.