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Too many people fail to read or fully understand the documents they sign at the time of their drunk driving arrest. Frequently, these documents are packed with complex legal language, deadlines and other important considerations. However, just one mistake regarding the language of these documents can have major consequences. At the Spokane Law Offices of Christian J. Phelps, we can protect your rights after your arrest. You only have one opportunity to put together a strong DUI defense, so make sure you retain the services of a lawyer you can trust.

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Every DUI defense is comprised of two parts: the criminal and the administrative. We can protect your rights in court, fighting to keep you out of jail and to minimize your insurance points. We can also fight your DUI license suspension at the Department of Licensing.

Criminal DUI Defense

If you are convicted of a DUI or DWI in Washington, Oregon or Idaho, you face mandatory jail time and significant fines. For many people, the most significant penalty is the suspension of their driving privileges, which could lead to job loss. Even after your driver's license is restored, you will likely face expensive high-risk insurance rates and have an ignition interlock installed on your car.

Having litigated drunk driving cases for more than 20 years, we know that there are multiple defenses against DUI charges:

  • The officer may have lacked probable cause to stop you.
  • There may be insufficient evidence of impairment.
  • The officer may have failed to follow proper procedures.
  • The officer may not have been certified to operate the Breathalyzer machine.
  • The Breathalyzer machine may not have been properly calibrated.

We can also explore the possibility of deferred prosecution. While you will need to attend intensive alcohol treatment, deferred prosecution will allow you to avoid jail and driver's license suspension. We will discuss all of your options in order to give you the softest landing possible after your DUI or DWI.

Department of Licensing DUI Defense

If you have been arrested for a DUI or DWI in Washington, you have only 20 days to request an administrative hearing before the Washington Department of Licensing. If you fail to request a hearing within this timeframe, your license will be automatically suspended. As your legal counsel, we can challenge the government's evidence at this hearing.

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With so many criminal and administrative concerns to take care of in the wake of a DUI arrest, it is crucial that you have a skilled and dedicated defense attorney on your side throughout the entire process. For a free initial consultation, contact our office in Spokane at 509-323-2420.